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Our document library helps you find our examples for common forms and template letters for renters.

Notices to landlords about breaches

Breach of duty notice form

This example of a reason for a breach of duty notice to the rental provider (landlord) is about your rented home not being in good repair.

Example for notice of breach of duty

Compensation claims

Claim example for a broken heater

Compensation – heater

Claim example for multiple issues

Compensation – multiple issues

Compensation claim template

To create your own table to record the details of a compensation claim you can use our template.

Compensation claim template

Example of reason for notice: compensation for repair and quiet enjoyment breaches

The following is an example of what to include at the ‘Reason for notice’ section in the ‘Notice of breach of duty to rental provider of rented premises’.

Example of breach of duty by rental provider

Example of claim details for compensation for breaches relating to repairs and quiet enjoyment

View this extract from the VCAT application form for an example of claim details for breaches relating to repairs and quiet enjoyment of your home.

VCAT form – example claim

Rental apps

Template letter

If you have been requested or required to use a rental app by your agent or rental provider (landlord) and want to challenge this, you can use our template letter.

Template letter

Mould and damp

Application for urgent mould repairs

This is an example of what to include in the claim details of a VCAT application for urgent mould repairs. See page 6 of the document.

Example of claim details for VCAT application
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