Changes were made to renting laws on 29 March. As parts of our website are not updated yet, see how the changes might affect you.

During your tenancy
Learn about your rights at home, who pays the bills, and what you can do about problems with rent payments or increases.

Rent increases

If the landlord wants to increase the rent, they must give you a proper notice. And there are some limits on when and how much the rent can be increased.

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Overdue rent

There are things you can do if you can’t pay your rent on time. Make sure you take steps before 14 days are up.

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Privacy and entry

You have the right to ‘quiet enjoyment’ of your home. What are your rights when it comes to the landlord or their agents coming into your home?

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Landlord is selling

What are your rights when your rented home is up for sale?

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Good news for renters and their furry friends. From 2 March 2020, landlords cannot unreasonably refuse pets. And from that date a ‘no pets’ clause in a lease is not valid.

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Utility charges

Learn who pays what, when it comes to bills for electricity, gas, oil, and water. 

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Family violence

Find out about rental protections if you or someone you know is affected by family violence. New laws in place now mean you can apply to change the names on a lease or start a new lease in your name.

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