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Common problems

We have lots of information for renters about their legal rights. Here are some common problems renters contact us about.

Repairs and maintenance

Find out what the law counts as an ‘urgent’ repair and what you can do to get the landlord to fix things in your rented home.

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What you need to know about paying a bond when you move in, protecting your bond while you are there, and getting your bond back when you move out.

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Notice to vacate

A notice to vacate is a request in writing from the rental provider (landlord) for you to leave your rented home. In some cases, you can challenge the notice and will not have to leave.


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Lease breaking

If you want to end your fixed term rental agreement (lease) early by breaking it, you can do so, but you may be asked to pay ‘lease break’ costs.

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Compensation for renters

You might be able to get compensation from the rental provider (landlord) if they breach the laws on renting or the terms of your rental agreement (lease). This page provides information on some common examples where renters may be able to get compensation.

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Mould and damp

Properties for rent need to be free from mould and damp and meet minimum standards for ventilation. The rental provider (landlord) must tell you if a property you want to rent has a history of mould and damp.

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Rental apps

You have the legal right to pay your rent without additional charges. If you feel pressured to sign up to a rental payment app that has additional charges, or that you are unsure about, this page sets out steps you can take to respond.

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Report discrimination

Renters often report that they have been discriminated against when applying for rental properties or during their rental agreement (lease). If you have been treated unfairly you can send a report to the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission.

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