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Landlord problems

Learn about the steps you can take if you have a dispute with the landlord (rental provider). We cover rental provider breaches and breach notices, going to VCAT, and where you can make a complaint.

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Landlord breaches and other notices

If the landlord (rental provider) breaks the rules, there are steps you can take to get them to fix the problem and/or pay you compensation.

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Renter breaches

Both you and the rental provider (landlord) have duties under the law that need to be followed.

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Complaints about rental providers and agents

You can make an official complaint about the rental provider or agent if you think what they are doing is illegal or unprofessional. Find out where and how to make your complaint.

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VCAT hears disputes between tenants and rental provider. Before you apply to VCAT, you need to register with Consumer Affairs Victoria. And most VCAT hearings are done by phone.

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Applying to VCAT

Find out how to make an application to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and see some examples of common renters’ applications.

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Mediation referrals by VCAT

VCAT may refer some applications, especially bond, compensation and pet applications, to the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria. It provides free mediation to help people involved in certain disputes try to reach an agreement without going to a VCAT hearing.

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Claims for VCAT costs and fees

Applications to VCAT are free when you want to get your bond back.

Find out the difference between fees and costs, and what you need to pay when your case goes to VCAT.

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Defending bond and compensation claims

Many bond and compensation applications by rental providers (landlords) to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) are about cleanliness or damage. The information on this page can help you prepare for a VCAT hearing if the rental provider has made a claim against you.

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Restraining orders

If the rental provider (landlord) tries to enter your home unlawfully or illegally evict you, you can apply for a restraining order to stop them.

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Disputes involving interstate residents

VCAT hears rental disputes in Victoria, but not if any of the people involved live interstate. The Magistrates Court of Victoria deals with such cases.

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