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Ending your tenancy

Moving out can be exciting or stressful, or both! Find out what you need to do when you want to leave, and what your rights are if the landlord wants you to leave.

Ending your lease

This page has information on what to do when you want to end your rental agreement (lease). It includes information on requirements for giving notice if you want to move out when your fixed term agreement ends as well as notices you can give and steps you can take if you want to end your agreement early.

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Moving out

On this page find out information on the condition you should leave the property in when you move out, final inspections, getting your bond back, goods left behind, disconnecting utilities and forwarding your mail.

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You cannot be evicted unless the landlord follows all the legal steps. The information on this page covers the regular steps for eviction.

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Goods left behind

There are rules on what happens to your belongings when you move out. Find out what the landlord needs to do, what you need to do, and if you have to pay removal or storage costs.

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Tenant databases or “blacklists”

Agents often use databases or “blacklists” to check your rental history. Find out what your rights are, what agents have to tell you, if you can be listed, and how to change a listing if it’s wrong.


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