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Repairs Toolkit

Getting repairs done at your rental property can be hard. Our Repairs Toolkit can help you through the process. It will help you understand your rights, ask for repairs or apply to VCAT.

Disclaimer: The content of the Repairs Toolkit is legal information for general guidance only. It is not legal advice. If you are unsure, or have further questions, please seek legal advice to understand how the law applies to your specific circumstances. You do not become a client of Tenants Victoria by using the Repairs Toolkit.  By using our Repairs Toolkit you agree to Tenants Victoria’s disclaimer. 

Our toolkit can help you to:

  • Understand your repair rights and what the law says about your situation. 
  •  Contact your rental provider (landlord) or agent and ask for repairs in writing. 
  •  Make an application to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to get repairs done. 

Our toolkit can’t help if:

  • You are renting a room in a rooming house or caravan or site in a caravan park. Information on different tenancies can be found here.
  •  You speak a language other than English. Our other language resources can be found here.
  •  Your issue is not a repairs problem. Find other common topics on our home page.

Understand your repair rights

Understand your rights under the law. See what the law says about the timeframe in which your rental provider (landlord) should deal with your issue. This will help you when asking for repairs or applying to VCAT. 

If you are unsure, or have not read about repair rights before, start here. 

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Ask for repairs

The first step when you need repairs done is to notify the rental provider (landlord) in writing. 

Once you understand your repair rights and know whether your repairs are urgent we can help you draft a notice to send to your rental provider.  

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Take repairs to VCAT

If you have given written notice of the repairs to your rental provider (landlord) and they are not done you can apply to VCAT for orders that the rental provider must do repairs. 

This tool will help you create an application that you can lodge with VCAT.  

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This project received funding through the Victorian Legal Services Board Grant Program.

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