Published: February 2020

We welcome changes making pets in rentals easier

Media Release: Friday 28 February 2020

Tenants Victoria has welcomed changes starting next week aimed at making it easier for Victorian renters to have pets.

It says the new changes will end the common practice of indiscriminate bans on pets in rental properties, but could leave renters in hot water if they don’t understand and follow the new rules.

Tenants Victoria CEO, Jennifer Beveridge, said renters wanting pets have been waiting a long time and it is important the new laws are implemented smoothly by the Victorian Government.

“Tenants Victoria led the Make Renting Fair Campaign, which successfully advocated for these changes. There will be a lot of Victorians who are very happy to hear this news and more animals will find loving homes across the state as a result.”

“Most Australians want to share their lives with a pet and we hope these new laws give more people a chance to welcome one into their family.”

“Property owners still have the power to refuse pets if they are inappropriate for a property, including the type or number of animals.”

“It is very important that renters understand the new rules correctly before getting a new pet. Failing to follow the right process could even lead to eviction in extreme cases.”

“The onus is on the Victorian Government to raise awareness of the changes and provide clear information to the whole community.”

“This should be a good news story for renters and thousands of pets that will find, and be able to stay in, loving homes. We want to make sure there are no unintended consequences along the way.”

“Tenants Victoria will publish new tenancy resources outlining how the new laws will operate on Monday 2 March. We are expecting a high volume of calls through our telephone advice service from enthusiastic animal lovers.”

For more information see: Pets and your tenancy.

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