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Our Reconciliation Action Plan

Our inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan guides us as we learn how to better work in partnership with First Nations organisations and better support First Nations renters.

Our reconciliation journey

As a social justice organisation that engages with the people we serve and the issues they face in their everyday lives, Tenants Victoria is committed to the formal process of reconciliation.

We must ensure we have the understanding, skills, and attitudes to support First Nations renters in culturally safe and appropriate ways, and to establish and maintain solid partnerships. This is the starting point that guides us on our reconciliation journey, which has reached the stage of implementing our inaugural Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan, operating from October 2023 to March 2025.

Having a clearer understanding of our collective history as a nation and an organisation-wide understanding of Reconciliation Australia’s Reconciliation Action Plan framework inspires Tenants Victoria to deeply reflect on how we can contribute to reconciliation, now and into the future. Reconciliation is everybody’s business.

Focus of our Reconciliation Action Plan

Tenants Victoria is undertaking this work in our inaugural Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

  • Establish and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations stakeholders and organisations.
  • Build relationships through celebrating National Reconciliation Week.
  • Promote reconciliation through our sphere of influence, including staff, volunteers and external stakeholders.
  • Promote positive race relations through anti-discrimination strategies
  • Establish a RAP working group to oversee the implementation and governance of our RAP.
  • Increase understanding, value and recognition of First Nations cultures, histories, knowledge, and rights through cultural learning.
  • Demonstrate respect to First Nations peoples by observing cultural protocols.
  • Build respect for First Nations cultures and histories by celebrating NAIDOC week.
  • Improve employment outcomes by increasing First Nations recruitment, retention, and professional development.
  • Increase First Nations supplier diversity to support improved economic and social outcomes.
  • Establish and maintain an effective RAP Working Group to drive governance of the RAP.
  • Provide appropriate support for effective implementation of Reconciliation Action Plan commitments.
  • Build accountability and transparency through reporting RAP achievements, challenges, and learnings both internally and externally.
  • Continue our reconciliation journey by developing our next RAP.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Read Tenants Victoria’s inaugural Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan, October 2023 – March 2025.

Reconciliation Action Plan - Reflect
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