Published: June 2021

Jason’s story: a renter speaks up

Middle aged renter looking at camera with serious expression

Our frontline service makes a world of difference

The pandemic has put a lot of pressure on renters – hear from one of the thousands who turned to Tenants Victoria for help.

My name is Jason. I rent my home in the Latrobe Valley and I want to share my story about how Tenants Victoria has supported me through some very tough times.

The past year has been really hard for me. During lockdowns I couldn’t earn my living in my hospitality job and I wasn’t eligible for JobKeeper. This put huge pressure on my ability to make my rent. I was forced to dig into my super to pay my rent as well as my food and power bills.

To be honest, when I turned to Tenants Victoria I was worried about whether I would even be able to keep a roof over my head after pandemic rental protections ended. 

But the Tenants Victoria team helped immediately with legal advice that has enabled me to stay in my home as I try to catch up on my payments. They also encouraged me to speak up about my situation. I gained so much confidence that I recently applied to volunteer to help other tenants facing difficulties. I couldn’t believe it when I got the role!

Thank you to Tenants Victoria for empowering me – your frontline service makes a world of difference.

If you are able to make a tax-deductible donation to Tenants Victoria, I know it would really help them to help renters facing tough times.

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