Published: October 2020

Our work

Tenants Victoria aims to inform and educate renters about their rights, improve their status and represent the collective interests of renters in law and policy making.


Our policies, liaison work, research, projects and publications enable us to lobby for legislative, policy and procedural change to the rental conditions for renters and residents. Read more about our policy submissions, research and campaigns.

Advice and support

We offer free and confidential advice, assistance and advocacy for people renting residential accommodation in Victoria, including:

  • renters in private rentals
  • renters in public housing
  • residents in caravan parks
  • residents and tenants in rooming houses

Our services, including the Renter Support Line and email service, are delivered in accordance with our Client Service Charter.

To avoid potential conflict of interests, we do not give advice to landlords or advice to tenants regarding disputes with co-tenants. Landlords can phone Consumer Affairs Victoria on 1300 55 81 81. Co-tenants can contact the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria.

Our specialist programs

VCAT emergency lawyer

In urgent situations we offer a duty lawyer to represent renters at VCAT, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, when they face losing their rental property and also in urgent matters related to health or safety for those working in a community organisation. Find out more about the VCAT Duty Lawyer service and your eligibility here.

Outreach lawyer

This program is aimed at improving access to tenancy support for people with disabilities, family violence survivors, international students and older tenants. We partner with community organisations to provide such renters with access to a tenancy lawyer. Email for  information.

Tenancy Referral Project

The Tenancy Referral Project aims to improve the quality and efficiency of tenancy referrals and support for renters in Victoria.

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